Converting your bathtub into walk-in shower can add a spa like experience to your bathroom. Just by adding a couple of glass doors and a bench to sit will provide you an extra level of comfort while bathing. However, making the changes in the bathroom could be complicated if the room is a little bit messy. In that situation hiring a professional can really help or you can also install tub to walk-in-shower conversion kit by replacing all the messy things from your bathroom. Installing the kit could be easier for you in comparison to remodeling and you can also DIY by following this small guide.

Change the plumbing system

If you are looking to change the functioning of your bathroom then firstly it is important to change its plumbing system. It is because pipes and water flow in tubs act much different from showers and if you don’t pay attention to this factor then it may lower down the water pressure in your shower. So, if you are looking forward to install a new shower then get your plumbing system enhanced accordingly.

Tile up the spaces

After removing the tub from the bathroom, it is important to tile up the shower area to match the ground level. But if your tub is made of plastic then it becomes more compatible with your bathroom because instead of removing the tub you can simply remove its surrounding and use its bottom part as a tile floor.